HORI VLX Premium 360 - Remilia Scarlet design version 1.5

I had originally called it 2.0 via twitter, but I figure 1.5 makes more sense as an STG fan (LOL get it?!).

Anyway, the redesign is to fix two things. One of them pretty minor, and the other being pretty major.

1) Japanese phrase fix. (Old - 運命を操る程度の能力 New -運命を操る能力)

2) Start button placement fix. This was the critical issue here, and I felt a re-design had to be done.

Q: So aside from the two changes mentioned, what else did you add to the re-design?

I just added a few more circles to the 8 face buttons on the template, brightened up the joystick circle a bit, and I've added a checkered background. They didn't seem like noticeable changes at first but they really shine when the print is in physical form. Especially that checkered BG.

Here are some pictures to show the redesign in as much detail as possible.

The future of 'Irregular Slice of STG Life.'

As most of you know, I announced on twitter that I temporarily halted all future broadcasts on Livestream because I had sold my Hauppauge HD-PVR. It was the only capture unit I had that was able to record console gameplay footage at 720p 60FPS (encoded with H.264 to boot).

Unfortunately, for me to broadcast console stuff, I had to hook my console up via Component, which is amazing, but it meant I had to use my HDTV, which meant I had slight display lag, which also meant I almost wasn't able to play anything at peak performance. This was pretty much the reason I had to sell it. It's been one of the best capture units I had and I highly recommend it.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be able to grab something even better: the Blackmagic Intensity Pro. This baby will record 1080p@60FPS via HDMI, and just like the HD-PVR, it'll have a pass-through connection so I can play through my monitor (which has extremely minimal display lag) while being able to record at the same time.

The only trade-off is that everything I record will be uncompressed so recording at 1080p is going to take off huge chunks of HDD space. Thankfully there's VirtualDub for that.

On the much brighter side, it seems a lot of programs can pick up the video signal from the Intensity Pro as a 'camera'. This was something I was not able to do with the HD-PVR. When I broadcasted through Livestream, I had to record over a certain region of the desktop screen; particularly the output window of the program that utilized the HD-PVR recording. What does it mean when I can broadcast directly from the capture unit? Expect the migration from Livestream to ustream/justin.tv relatively soon.

Stay tuned.

An accomplishment for once.

I've spent the past few days designing a template out of my HORI VLX Premium stick, and I am generally pleased with how it turned out.

This was done using the VLX Premium Template file (courtesy of syn13 from Shoryuken forums)

Taking apart the VLX Premium.

I wrote down which colour wire corresponds to which button. I like to write in kana so I can practice on my Japanese.

Even though the template is really helpful, there was one problem with it. The start button that was on the template is misaligned, so even when I finished working around it, the final product ended up having the start button that's out of position. syn13 already knew about the problem but it was too late. Not that it really matters since I've calculated the off-set to make it positioned correctly again (maybe for a future design).

The next following images are of the completed design / final product.

Aside from the gripe with the Start button, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. Until next time!






I think I'm stuck in quite a situation here.

I don't know what to make of it. I actually don't even know how to react to it.

As all of you may know, I'm not really a social person. In fact, one of my worst weaknesses is having to go up in front of an audience and present. I just can't do it. I just end up breaking down and leave this awkward silence in an entire room.

If you don't believe me, I can always show you my high school report cards where the comments are always something along the lines of "very nervous, doesn't handle presentations very well". I don't think I can ever change that and there's no way I can anytime soon.

What's the point of all this background story?
An organization I work with (called ACG North America) is holding a meeting tomorrow at Feb 27th, 2011 @ 1pm.
At first, I thought to myself, 'Oh, it's just another meeting, it shouldn't be that bad.' and I saw the little minor detail in the corner of my eye:

All attendees please prepare a short presentation on:

and at this point is when I started having butterflies in my stomach. I have no fucking clue what to do. I can always explain why I'm here and what my role is for this organization, but let's face it. I don't provide any new information apart from what everyone else in the organization already knows.

In any case, I have about 13 hours left.




Want to know what my February purchases are?

I didn't think it would be pretty bad, but it seems like a huge amount of good titles are being released this month. I can most likely buy all of them but they will take a huge dent off my wallet.

All games marked in blue are the ones already in my possession.

  • Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label
  • Hard Corps Uprising
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
  • MuchiMuchiPork & PinkSweets
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (AMIAMI Limited Edition)
  • Idolm@ster2 Sparkle Package (AMIAMI version)